Izvinite sto nisam bila aktivna,ali skola je pa nisam mogla:D

Ramona and Beezus Promos & Stills

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Slike su prelijepe :D


Selena is working with CNN Heroes to introduce one of this year's Top 10s. She introduced Evans Wadongo and you can watch a video of it here. Its so amazing and inspiring. Selena was also counted among the celebrities getting involved and giving back and she will be attending the CNN Heroes Event this November! I added photos from behind the scenes of the introduction and you can see them by clicking on the thumbs below.



New Photoshoot Picture!

I uploaded yet another gorgeous photo of Selena from the photoshoot she did for A Year Without Rain Europe Promotion in Hungary. Be sure to take a look.



CNN Heroes Behind the Scenes


HQ Elle "Spain" Magazine Scans! 

Dobili smo nowe slike s Elle Spain intervjua.Selena izgleda prekrasno :)Slike su fenomenalne,nadam se da i vi tako mislite?

001.jpg 001.jpg 001.jpg 001.jpg 001.jpg

TeleGuia de Chicago

Selena is featured on the cover of a Spanish magazine thats available in Chicago called "TeleGuia de Chicago". Its actually very small but they used a new gorgeous photo of her on the cover.look!

"Famous with Latin Blood"
"Selena Gomez proud of her Mexican roots"

"the star who started her career in the television program Barney & Friends, knows how to take her part very well of representing the young Hispanic and is one of the most consider iconic of the Latin community.  Daughter of a Mexican father and Italian Mother, Selena Gomez has received her name after the famous singer Selena"




Vratila sam se !!!!

Napokon nakon dugo vremena razmisljanja hoculi se wratiti na blog,ipak sam odlucila da cu se vratiti :) Jako sam vas pozelila,i obecavam vam da cu biti aktivna:)Evo par nowosti koje su se desile u zadnjih 3dana :)

I da cestitam Seleni na nowom albumu,pjesme su zaista mrak :)

Elle Spain Scans!


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New Seventeen Pic + Away for 2 days!


Evopar slika sa Selena from the Seventeen Prom covershoot!Selena je prelijepa,moram priznati niikad je nisam ljepsu vidjela:)

New UK Photoshoot

Slike s nowog photoshoota u londonu :) Slike su prepre-krasne.Zaista je lijepo ispala na slikama:).


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Nadam se da ste zadovolji nowostima,i nadam se da cete i dalje posjecivati moj blog,iako me dugo vremena nije bilo!



Selena is featured in this month's issue of Elle (Spain).Selena izgleda prekrasno,slike su mi se jako dopale :)

News News News and News

A Year Without Rain Music Video Pictures!

Ah I'm so happy rightnow cuz finally some photos from Selena's new Music Video for a "A year Without Rain" have released. Most of them are behind the scenes photos. Unfortunately the pictures are lq and tagged! It sucks but we will have some HQs by tomorrow so make sure you check out the site tomorrow. I can't even being to explain how gorgeous she looks in the video. I haven't even seen the full thing yet but this could possibly be my favorite video of her. Also selena's band "The Scene" are actually in the video as welland you can tell from the pictures. The guy in these photos in her co-star in the video which could possibly be her love interest in the video! Interesting!!! The song is a masterpiece and thats the least thing I can say about it. check out the pictures below. A total of 230 photos!

001.jpg 017.jpg 041.jpg 051.jpg 072.jpg
099.jpg 134.jpg 177.jpg 201.jpg 220.jpg

Grabbing Dinner with her Mom!

Selena was spotted with her mom her grabbing dinner at the Mexican restaurant Red O on Wednesday night (September 1st)! She looks extremely adorable with the glasses. We added 10 photos which you can see below.

0101.jpg 001.jpg 004.jpg 007.jpg 003.jpg

A Year Without Rain Music Video HQ Photos!

I uploaded 55 High Quality photos from "A Year Without Rain" Music video Shoot. The photos are wonderful and now you can how gorgeous the set was. Don't forget to tune in tomorrow to watch the premiere of the Music Video on Disney Channel after the premiere of Camp Rock: the Final Jam. The Song will be out on iTunes on the same day so WE HAVE to get it to number one! Get Ready, tomorrow is going to be a big day in Selena's Career.

026.jpg 016.jpg 010.jpg

039.jpg 055.jpg

A Year Without Rain is OUT! 

  Selena's new Single "A Year Without Rain" is officially out in iTunes. Make sure you go there and buy it. I love it so much. Its not like what I imagined its actually better! You can hear Selena's beautiful voice clearly and that's what I love about it. Click here to buy it and please tell your family, friends and everyone you know to buy it as well. The song is SOO good it has be #1. And don't forget to watch the music video on Disney channel TODAY after the premiere of CampRock

UPDATE: The song was taken off iTunes but now its back :D be sure to buy it!

Latina Cover shoot behind the Scenes!

Latina.com uploaded Selena behind the scenes video from the set of her October issue Cover Shoot. She looks SO beautiful! Be sure to watch the video below.


Update: I uploaded High Quality captures from the video! Check them out by clicking on the thumbs below!

062.jpg 066.jpg 050.jpg 043.jpg 014.jpg

Latina Magazine Photoshoot Pictures!

Here's a couple of stunning photos from Selena's Latina Magazine cover shoot. I got these images from the High Quality behind the Scene video. She looks so beautiful and I can't wait to see more pictures. Be sure to take a look!

001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg

Picture from AYWR Promoshoot!

I added a new picture from "A Year Without Rain" Promoshoot. Selena looks GORGEOUS! I can't wait for more pictures to come out. Be sure to take a look.

Notre Dame Football Game!

005.jpg 001.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 002.jpg

Latina Magazine Cover!

Selena is gracing the cover of the October issue of Latina Magazine. This is her second time being on the cover of this magazine. She looks so beautiful and this could actually be my favorite covershoot.You can probably tell it looks way more mature then her previous cover. Click here to see the HQ cover thanks to jjj. Below you can read a bit of the article. If you have the magazine please don't hesitate to donate the scans!

Writers Credit!

The list of writers who participated in Selena's new album "A Year Without Rain" has been revealed and Selena co-wrote 3 songs on the record and wrote Spotlight all by her self. Can't wait! check out the list below!

1. "Round & Round" : Kevin Rudolf, Andrew Bolooki, Fefe Dobson, Jeff Halavacs, Jacob Kasher Rudolf, Bolooki, Halatrax
2. "A Year Without Rain" : Toby Gad, Lindy Robbins Gad
3. "Rock God" : Katy Perry, Victoria Jane Horn, Priese Prince Lamont Board
4. "Off The Chain" : Tim James, Antonina Armato, Devrin Karaoglu James
5. "Summer's Not Hot" : Selena Gomez , Joey Clement, Ethan Roberts
6. "Intuition" (featuring Eric Belinger): Lukasz Gottwald
7. "Spotlight" : Selena Gomez
8.  "Ghost Of You" : Selena Gomez , Joakim Ahlund, Klas Ahlund
9. "Sick Of You": Selena Gomez , Joakim Ahlund, Klas Ahlund
10. "Live Like There's No Tomorrow" : Isaac Haason, Mher Filian

Seventeen Prom Backstage Photo!

Here's a new gorgeous photo from backstage at Selena's Seventeen Prom Issue covershoot, she's so beautiful. Check out the photo below.

In the previous update I mentioned that Selena wrote "Spotlight" for her new album, well ASCAP, which is a very reliable source listed other songwriters for "Spotlight" which means Selena did not write the song. I personally believe that site since its way more legit.

Girl Meets World Episode 1!

This is so cute I can't wait to see all the rest of the episodes! Mostly I can't wait to get my cd! 

r Without Rain Lyrics

On Selena Gomez's youtube account, she has added a video with lyrics to "A Year Without Rain". Check it out below, and sing along!



Wizards Wins the Emmy!

Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie took home Outstanding Children's Program! I remember the first time seeing the Wizards movie and all I could say was wow from how amazing it was and it was a great all around story! I know we are all grateful for the directors, producers, editors, writers, designers, and everybody in the crew for making that movie so incredible! The cast as always was on point with their scenes and acted out every scene to the best of their abilities! So congrats to everybody involved with Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie! I'm so happy they won!


Springfield, IL Concert Videos & Photos!


Here's a few videos from Selena's concert at Springfield, IL. I was only able to find 5 photos from the show which you can see here. If you guys come across any other pictures please let us know in the comments :) Also click here to watch a super awesome video of Selena on the stage talking about Wizards of Waverly Place winning their second Emmy Award and she tried calling David DeLuise on the stage but he didn't answer. There's also a review which you can read here!

Announcing that WOWP won their second Emmy
kiss & Tell
Hot & Cold

I don't Miss you at all


Eureka, MO Concert photos & Interview!

Louis in Eureka, MO. I added the photos to the gallery and you can see them below. There's a bunch of videos up on youtube, just search the latest videos of Selena Gomez - st.louis and you will finds lots of videos. And below you can listen to an interview she did there <3 


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